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Introducing a laughter-filled book box tailored to tickle the funny bones of witty minds aged 6 to 8 years old. Get ready to embark on a side-splitting journey where the power of humor and joyous giggles take center stage!


A carefully curated collection of hilariously entertaining books, delivered to your doorstep, inviting your child to explore the delightful world of laughter and comedic adventures.


From silly stories and clever wordplay to uproarious jokes and whimsical illustrations, these engaging books will transport your child into a world where laughter knows no bounds. They'll encounter quirky characters, unexpected twists, and humorous situations that will have them bursting with laughter on every page.


Through these delightful tales, your child will develop a keen sense of wit, learn the art of storytelling, and appreciate the joy of sharing laughter with others. They'll discover the power of humor to uplift spirits, brighten even the gloomiest days, and create lasting bonds with friends and family.


We've handpicked the funniest authors and illustrators to ensure your child's laughter is endless. Our team of experts, including educators and children's literature enthusiasts, have collaborated to create a collection that not only entertains but also sparks imagination and nurtures a love for reading.


By ordering this book box, you are providing your child with more than just laughter — you are fostering their creativity, boosting their confidence, and instilling a lifelong appreciation for the lighter side of life. Together, let's fill their world with giggles, snickers, and belly laughs!


Join us on this hilarious journey! Order today and unlock a world of laughter, wit, and comedic adventures for your child. Together, we'll create memories that will have them smiling for years to come. Get ready to giggle your way through the pages, one book at a time!


PriceFrom €25.00
Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Subscription
Specially selected books delivered to your door every month
€25.00every month until canceled
  • In the unlikely event you recieve a book that you already own please get in contact with us by email at

  • Free shipping to all Irish addresses

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